photo of E.Ozie in front of beach

E. Ozie
The "Curious" Explorer

multimedia artist | filmmaker | poet | author
E. Ozie is a Nigerian American author and artist who studied mechanical engineering and creative writing at the University of Maryland. She is a 2022 Lannan Fellow. She published "The Beautiful Math of Coral" in 2021 which debuted as a #1 Best New Release on Amazon.

She is interested in taking a deeper look at topics like "space" and belonging, analyzing how they connect with other subjects. Most of E. Ozie's current work focuses on cross-cultural conversations. Her creative voice is used to rise to the forefront of revolutionary conversations about society and identity.

E. Ozie believes in the power of nature, art, tech, and storytelling for social impact through various different mediums. Outside of her career, E. Ozie’s passions include painting, music, and dancing, and she is constantly looking for ways to bring these subjects to life through her many endeavors.

She currently has a writing project with the International Publisher, Hyphen Reads that she invites people to subscribe to.