Our Story

The beginnings of our startup is very much intertwined with the story of our founder.

Our powerhouse is based on the core values of our first novel The Beautiful Math of Coral: produce impactful stories that focus on the wonders of the universe about us.

We are creating revolutionary conversations in both traditional and innovative ways including books, poetry, films, graphic novels, and more. Our multimedia creative house blends nature, tech, and art in storytelling for the adult and YA-crossover market. Our creative storytelling is bold, diverse, experimental, imaginative, introspective, and colorful in style.

We have rebranded Eozie Studios to enrich young adults and adults' connection with nature, art, and tech, not STEM and Art.

We believe that acronym is not truly accessible and welcoming as it should be for everyone and the mass market. We define Nature+Art+Tech as our attractive vision to engage parts of our universe in an innovative way. It reintroduces ideas and stories that have not been shown to many. It appeals to the adult and YA-crossover market that we reach. We are breathing new life into the universe, science, and art. We invite you to explore your story in the oasis here.

Notable Achievements

  • The Beautiful Math of Coral has been sold in over 6 countries
  • If Coral Had A Place has been partially funded through mini-grants
  • Founder, E. Ozie's storytelling has been shared through a writing project at the International Publisher Hyphen Reads
  • Won Cohort Spirit Choice (the most improved venture) at the Terp Startup Accelerator Pitch Day
“To Be. To Belong. To Be Seen. That's it, that's the story.”


Don't just take our word for it.

"The Beautiful Math of Coral is an unforgettable novel with compelling characters and a wonderful focus on the healing power of discovery. It's a must-read for readers of all ages."
Heather Einhorn
Co-creator, The Curie Society
"E. Ozie is one of the most promising young voices I've come across as a writer and I am so excited to see where her work as a storyteller takes her."
Keli Goff
Emmy nominated Writer and Producer
"E. Ozie's stories (that often include animation) have so many levels of complexity and big issue questions. The world she weaves is colorful, joyful, and full of hope."
Viviana Leo
Screenwriter and Actress, Social Impact Comedies